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Born in the Dominican Republic Jared is a grunge inspired rapper/MC.   Making a name for himself as a member of the BAYLIENS, Jared toured around the country opening for some pretty big names.  It was only after the underground rapper stepped away from the Bayliens that he could take on the persona of "ENZYME DYNAMITE".  "Zyme", which is what Jared goes by now has always loved and created art.  Traveling the world and meeting new people daily, inspired him to turn his thoughts into characters. Digitally finger-painted on the Ipad, we like to call these "ENZYMEZ".  Jared is now residing in the San Francisco bay area. With a full-time job, a music career, and family to watch over, day to day life isn't always easy. With the continuing  struggle of his mother's diabetes diagnosis, and the recent decision to foster his 18 month old nephew Zyme continues to stay positive and release any negative thoughts through his art. 

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